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The Keycast group consists of four leading steel foundries in Sweden and Finland and one CNC-machine shop. Keycast has a proven track record of delivering machined components ready for assembly to delivery schedules and call-offs. This gives our customers a highly efficient supply chain with high quality and excellent delivery performance. Keycast is the leader in shell moulding with capabilities in the weight range from 3 to 300 kg/pieces.

The heavy shell moulded parts are unique with tight tolerances, very good surface quality and hence better material utilisation. Keycast customers owns the drawings and specs but Keycast work together with the customers in the development process of new parts and products with advanced foundry engineering support. The engineering phase is important for optimizing the processes and the implementation of continuous improvements. A solid work in foundry engineering gives us a competitive edge throughout the products life. The quality built in at this stage is our key to market success.

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